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Geocache Adventures Podcast

Aug 10, 2022

Listen for detials on how you can enter this year's annual fictional short story contest.


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Aug 4, 2022

We all love finding geocaches but not everyone loves to hide them.  Maybe you're not sure how to go about hiding a geocache.  Well in this episode we cover the basics of how to hide a geocache and even some tips for hiding a geocache.  But if you're a seasoned pro at hiding geocaches, this episode has something for you...

Jul 21, 2022

You've probably heard about Mega events and even Giga events.  But what about a world wide geocaching event?  Well it just so happens there is one and it last about 15 minutes in total.  It's the Wold Wide Flash Mob (WWFM) Geocaching Event.  Join me this episode as I talk with Sonny, on of the host of the Podcacher...

Jul 7, 2022

Maybe you've heard the term pocket queries thrown around but don't really know what they are.  Maybe you know they are a great way to create offline list but aren't sure how to do it.  If so, you're in the same category as me.  Maybe you absolutely love them and use them all the time.  If so, then you're in good company...

Jun 23, 2022

There are many urban caches in the world but there are many out in the wilderness as well.  For the most part, the woods are fairly safe.  Especially if you're in an area you know or a national park or conservation area.  But there can still be some hazards lurking about.  In this episode I am joined by Dan who is a...