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Geocache Adventures Podcast

May 25, 2023

In Season 4 Epsode 10, I talked with Brad Simmons, spokesman for the board of GeoWoodstock and former event host, about GeoWoodstock.  We had a good long conversation and after an hour, when all my questions had been answered and I couldn't' think of anything else, we did a cache highlight and I thought the conversation would be wrapping up.  But as we were finishing, Brad though of a few more stories and incite that he wanted to share.  We talked for two hours about GeoWoodstock and JoeGPS and I'm certain we could have talked far longer.  With so many great stories, it didn't seem right to try to condense it all into one episode, nor did it seem to make sense to have one episode that was two hours long.  So here is the continuation of our conversation on GeoWoodstock.

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